6 Week Marriage Challenge

Posted on: June 16th, 2013 by danielcclark@gmail.com


Have you learned HOW to have a GREAT marriage?


Are you jealous of others who seem to have good marriages and you don’t?


Have you been married more than 7 years?


Ever wonder what God says about marriage?


Have you read a self help book on marriage?  Did it work?






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6 Week Marriage Challenge

It was about 32 years ago  when I met my wife.  We married nine months later.  That license is still in affect.  I have not had to go back to any classes or ongoing training.  There is no training required for raising children or ongoing updates to the license.  I just “got married” and that was that.


I heard a pilot talking about his license and how important it was to do ongoing training to keep up on new ideas and to hone those pilot skills.  He was also sharing the cost of those classes, which seemed high.  However he loved flying, so he “paid the price” because he didn’t want to loose his right to fly.

While reading a anniversary notice is the paper on a couple that had been married 70 years, he was quoted as saying “we never went to bed mad” as the secret to having a marriage that lasted over time. That is such a true statement, but how did they do that?


It’s a lot more difficult than just deciding to not argue or go to bed mad!  It takes great skill to make a marriage last in our culture.  


In the 6 week Marriage Challenge we will show how simple truths like that one can be true for you.  You will learn how to never go to bed mad – that does not mean you don’t have unresolved conflict, but it does mean that you will not sleep on an issue in anger.


Because a marriage lasts doesn’t mean it a “Master Marriage” either.  Length does not mean quality.  There are other factors that are very important that make marriages “work” and where both parties are fulfilled.  That was true in my own marriage and that meant struggling with truisms that were not true.  I believed things that were not true and those things created great havoc in my marriage.


After studying, being in therapy, failing and gaining understanding, I came to some fascinating conclusions.


Many of the techniques used to save or make marriages work didn’t work.  I have read scores of marriage books and used those ideas to help others and to help myself.  In those attempts I saw some simple truths that were not present in many of the books I  read.


We all know that there is nothing new under the sun, when it comes to behavior.  The things I was seeing were not new, but were hidden because of the way they are viewed.  Just solving conflict in a marriage, does only that: solve conflict.  It does not predict a long and healthy marriage.


Something else was missing and I began to see what it was.  First, I felt that we had lost the way a marriage was experienced as a child.  You know, our family of origin.  We have not received the training on how marriage was supposed be from our experiences as a child.  This passing on of the core values was not experienced makes it difficult for us to relate to the way OUR marriages are going.  As I meditated on this and other trues I came to a conclusion.


The secret’s that seem to be missing in the things I have read were found buried deep inside me.  As my mind would wonder back to the days as a child, and to the things I have read as an adult, I began to see how these truths were seemingly secrets that I never seen before.


These “secrets” were right in front of me.  I learned them and now you can see how these principles work too!


We all desire the same thing:

We all want to have the best marriage ever!


Here is a little insight that most people miss out on while learning anything new.  That little insight is UNDERSTANDING. I’ll talk more about this later: knowledge, understanding and wisdom,  all biblical terms.  When you gain knowledge it leads to understanding.  The 6 Week Marriage Challenge is designed to give you knowledge, leading to understanding.


Understanding is often defined as the “ah ha” moment, the  “yes, I get it now” kind of thing.  Understanding is not knowledge and it is not wisdom.  It is just understanding.  With this understanding I will show you how to transition your marriage into one that you never dreamed you could have.


Have you ever experienced that weekend “high” from a retreat or a wonderful week alone only to fall back into the old patterns of your old communication code and then soon you’re back where you started? The 6 Week Marriage Challenge will lead to a place where you will not loose what you have gained, as long as the rules are followed and the principles applied.


Really, this system works!

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Daniel C Clark