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2013-09-05 09.21.38Authenticity is Defined as being the person God created you to be. We are raised in a particular culture because that culture is important to modify our thinking to what our calling and purpose is. We are equipped by our childhood in preparation for the place we will play in the Kingdom (Romans 8:28 – all things work together for those who love Him and that are called according to His purpose). This means to me that we are to take the things we have experienced and use them to our advantage for the Kingdom. Since we are not responsible for the things we cannot control, our current expectations are for God to use them as He see’s fit, in preparing us for His Service.

Defining what we do is so important here. We struggle with the what, because we often feel it is about doing something. What we do is our desire – our choice to do with what we have been given. When we define who we are, we see that we have talent, ability, likes, desires, and wants. These are all driven by our own relationship with the very nature of God when we are committed to Him.

Philippians 2 says that Jesus did not try to grasp the idea that he was God. He knew that it was just true, and he didn’t try to make it a big deal. He didn’t try to take advantage of it. He just accepted it as true. It was the place he walked in authority. He knew that since God had given him this role, he must do it right. He didn’t try to grasp what it meant.

We are not our character flaws. We are not our badness. We are not our sin. We are actually in all reality just like Jesus in our inner man. Paul specifically writes about this conflict in Romans 7 where he describes how we all fight the flesh, the carnal man. This is part of our life long battle that will always be with us. This battle does not eliminate us from being who we are created to be in Jesus. It just defines the fact clearly that we need Jesus to help us. Without Him we would not be able to do anything. Being sinless would make us like Jesus. We are like him but only in the realm of the Spirit. We have a body to contend with, and a mind to deal with.

I’m just saying

Daniel C Clark