Beliefs, Expectations & Needs

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Beliefs, Expectations & Needs

We all come to marriage with beliefs, expectations and needs. We have come to understand that much of those expectations come from our perceptions of the marriages in our family of origin. They also come from our culture as portrayed through the various forms of media. Over time, Marriage Forever will help your recognize, learn from and grow through the systems we didn’t even know we brought into the marriage relationship.

Belief systems in place on the day we marry:

• We believe that marriage is forever

• We believe that our marriage was made in Heaven

• We believe that we have total acceptance/unconditional love from our spouse

• We believe that it will be blissful forever

• We believe that we are beginning the journey to becoming one

• We feel that we are in total agreement

• We react with our feeling first – love is blind

Marriage meets common needs we all have:

Women need:
• Love
• Acceptance
• Companionship

Men need:
• Respect
• Sex
• Companionship

(See For Women / Men Only ~ Feldhahn)

We sign the Contract – Covenant

We make a Public Declaration – Commitment