Freeing Me

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The freeing me class takes you down

a path of critical thinking about you, your life, and current station in life.  When we accept things as true, just because we always thought they were true, we find ourselves in a place of despair when life does not work out.
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Questions answered in the class are:

  • What are the cultural influences that prevent me from being happy?

  • What did God really intend for me to do?

  • Why has life turned out the way it has for me?

  • Did I marry the wrong person?

These are just examples of what there is to look forward to. Hear what others have to say about it go to the Class Registration Page! (click here)


Here is what some people who have taken this class have said about it.

  • A: It was something that made a big difference in how I felt about my self. It was challenging and eye opening. I wanted to take it again right way…

  • S: I have never thought so much about how God really made. It was a view I had not thought about…

  • M: There were times when it was just difficult to hear, but after we had the discussion sessions, I found that I was not alone, and that there so many cultural influences in my life that affected my relationship with God, my husband and others. It was excellent!

  • A: I didn’t know that I wasn’t responsible for others. I thought we had to tell them. I learned that boundaries with family was really what God desired. I learned that my inner peace was more important than doing what I thought was right.

  •  B: When I was always thinking God was looking down at me and wondering why I wasn’t doing His will, I was so full of constant worry. I learned the skill of letting go of things that are not mine.. I hope to take it again soon.