Personalities: Genetic Code

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Our personalities are a genetic code that is similar to any other part of our physical anatomy. We are left handed or right handed. We have a temperament. We write best when we are using the hand that was designed to write. We are our best person when we are operating out of our personality strengths. We also are our best when we are aware of our own personal weakness, biases, and natural tendencies. The unfortunate part of our design is that, as a rule, we don’t see our own behavior very well.  We might think we do, but we…

Self-Love is important

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Self-Love Doesn’t this sound like how we feel and think the day we get married:  All is right with the world.  We are filled with love, joy and expectations.  We are forgiving, tolerant, kind and benevolent. Rule: You can’t love others when you can’t accept, validate and love YOU! This is because we have not yet been harmed in the marriage, so our feelings are bigger than life (usually) and we are still on our best behavior.  We are all lovable and happy. But then… we all sin, we all have consistent faults and behaviors that pull us away from…

If an adult is struggling with forgiveness

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Here is a truth: it’s because they didn’t experience it as a child. Children who experienced their parents or care giver harming them and then repenting and truly changing, learn a real experience of forgiveness. This child finds it much easier to forgive as an adult. THERE IS A DIRECT COORELATION: TRAIN UP A CHILD (See Healing the Shame that binds you: John Bradshaw) This is a great example because if you look at the way your mom and dad are or were, or who ever raised you, you can see why you behave or think the way you do….

Brain Rewire !

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          Brain rewire. Rodney and I were having an interesting conversation. We were discussing how to get the old negative self talk words and thoughts to go away. We do all kinds of things to make those crazy thoughts go away.  The downside is most of us have no idea how to get them to truly go away.  That’s where Rodney and I were in our conversation talking about what it is that we say to ourselves and why it has such an effect on us. I always heard, when I was in high school, that…


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Authenticity is Defined as being the person God created you to be. We are raised in a particular culture because that culture is important to modify our thinking to what our calling and purpose is.

Tresspassing Signs Everywhere!

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Where is the Road? Rules of the Road So here I was looking at the trespassing sign on the side of the tree. Avis and I were bouncing along the dirt road, looking at the landscape and taking pictures of the nature and beauty of these beautiful Ozarks we live in. I had a thought the other day about another trespassing sign I saw. A STOP sign was next to a RR track that was obviously an old abandoned road. You could not see the road for the overgrown grass. I was looking directly at that trespassing sign and really…

Fishing Buddy

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We went to the Carthage Lake Free Fishing day this summer. As you can see, my Granddaughter was the catch of the day. We had a blast as all of us were more about putting worms on the line and casting the line than actually catching fish. My grandson, age 7, ask if it was okay of he thew back any fish he caught. Of course he was the first one to catch a fish, and we took a picture of and promptly tossed the fist back. Good day for sun tan lotion, sun glasses, arm chairs, and a cool…

What to do!

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Interviewed a young lady to work for me on Sunday evening. She needs more money than I can pay. If I had $35,000 I would hire her in a moment. Spent time talking with a friend who is a graphic artist tonight about a project we are working on. Same thing. I had $35,000 at higher her too. I am surrounded by such talent with such limited resources. I reminded about my vision in Brazil. What he told me was I never ask him for anything. So, here we go. God. I need 70,000 Or I need a therapist and…

Faith is the Substance

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Here in the class The Transformed Life Dan talks about Hebrews 11:1 can change your life. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.  

The Camp

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It’s 4:30 am and I can’t sleep. I listen to the noises outside the tent. I slept well. I notice that I don’t feel tired at all. The curiosity of the outdoor rustlings pursue my mind. There is a crescent moon that is bright. It hovers over the tents. The decision to build a fire was easy to make. It’s cold. I didn’t prepare firewood prior to deciding to camp. I knew we had a few big limbs in the bottom. That is at the bottom of the land. It was a 300 yard walk. I found the tree trim…