The Master Mind

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Ya got to admit that somewhere along the line we learned what we believe.  I reading a book called The Developing Mind by Daniel Siegel.  It is so interesting.  The way our minds rule our behavior is fascinating to me.  It reminds me how we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  What is even more fascinating is how research in this book is showing that the elasticity of the brain allows us, by choice, to change our emotional response to the world around us.  We are so wonderfully made that no matter who raised us, no matter what the experience we…

Internal Integrity

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Weight loss. The biggest looser. Change your mind change your life. I don’t like these kinds of words sometimes because I am so inconsistent.  I can’t seem to change some things about me. Aren’t you that same way? When  I try to change it only lasts a short while. I was listening to a speaker the other day talk about internal integrity. He stated that the hardware we have been given has a job to do. It wants to keep life the same – reminds us that we are not the person we are currently acting like.  In other words,…

Renew your thoughts !

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[title size=”1″]Renew your thoughts![/title] Recreate – the thoughts that come into Kingdom thoughts (God’s love and acceptance) Recreate the thoughts you have about being part of His Kingdom.  Recreate the ideas HE gave you as a child (pretend that you are a child and feel the way a child feels having all their needs met, feeling safe, and secure). Renew – the thoughts about God creating you for a purpose (don’t think about that purpose yet) Renew the thoughts that God who created you would have about you. What would He say about you?  What would He believe about you….

Spiritual Gifts

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The gifts I have are natural and occur without effort in me. Spiritual gifts are given for the body of Christ.  These gifts are designed by God to allow for each person’s uniqueness in the Kingdom.  These gifts are given to you because you are a believer. These gifts do not mean that you might use or operate in the other gifts.  It does not mean that God cannot use you in any of these gifts at any time. These are just a way to define what is given to you supernaturally at your salvation birth. Since we all have…

New Kingdom Self – Change your mind and change your life!

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What now? – paradigm change is necessary for Kingdom self! 2. Acceptance of Self a. Sin Nature b. Natural Talents c. Purpose Why can’t I live in a place where I am always motivated and energized? The reason we are not more influential is that we are not more present in the moment. It is more difficult to motivate yourself than to motivate others. When you believe you know you, and accept you, then you are limiting who you are to your past experiences. Only God and YOUR SPIRIT knows your potential. Being the person you were designed to be…

New Kingdom Life – Paradigm Shift

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A  paradigm change is necessary for Kingdom Life! If we truly believe that we are to live a Kingdom Life, then we must follow the Kingdom rules.  Your mental engagement in the idea that you are on a divine plan means you are focused.  Acceptance of these principles is not optional, and must be followed with an inner desire to please the King.   YOUR mental state ( state of mind) develops from your acceptance of understanding the gift you have from your DADDY!   For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and…

Self Love

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[title size=”1″]Self-Love[/title] Doesn’t this sound like how we feel and think the day we get married:  All is right with the world.  We are filled with love, joy and expectations.  We are forgiving, tolerant, kind and benevolent. Rule: You can’t love others when you can’t accept, validate and love YOU! This is because we have not yet been harmed in the marriage, so our feelings are bigger than life (usually) and we are still on our best behavior.  We are all lovable and happy. But then… we all sin, we all have consistent faults and behaviors that pull us away…

Family Business and family dymanics

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Family dynamics in any business can be the death of the business. Statically only 30% of family ran business’s survive past the second generation. Only 10% of those same family run businesses survive past the third generation. Why? It’s all about the family dynamics.   How the children were raised highly influences the way children will react to the business when they get older. Parenting skills show up in the children like untreated termites that are undetected until you have a disaster on your hands. Coming of age, children who are now old enough to be a part leadership and…

Our Future is in Our Children

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Thinking about the way our culture is, I wonder if there are things we are needing to learn that we haven’t learned yet. An example that is in my mind would be the fall out of 18 – 39 year olds not coming back to the church. There will always be the groups that are out of the norm in any culture. The results of poor parenting is children who don’t do well in life. Not that you can’t change the adult, but it would be much easier to change the way we parent. Maybe we need to focus on…

I just can’t change

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He was so angry. He just didn’t know how he could change. He had tried and tried over and over again. It was more than a addiction. It was a way of life. He was stuck in a pattern of behavior that just wouldn’t not go away. This young man, about 40 in age, was sitting in my office broken. He had been attempting to break the sin that was ruling his life for years now. It was overwhelming to him. We discussed the options, and decided on using a very practical system of change that would take great effort,…