Personalities: Genetic Code

Posted on: April 1st, 2014 by No Comments

Our personalities are a genetic code that is similar to any other part of our physical anatomy. We are left handed or right handed. We have a temperament. We write best when we are using the hand that was designed to write. We are our best person when we are operating out of our personality strengths. We also are our best when we are aware of our own personal weakness, biases, and natural tendencies.

The unfortunate part of our design is that, as a rule, we don’t see our own behavior very well.  We might think we do, but we actually are unaware of the impact we are having on others.

This is why the marriage relationship is so important. What better way to become more aware of what is true about us than in our marriage.

The Communication Code developed in the first two years of the marriage continues the rest of the marriage unless there are events that cause change to become necessary.  When we have faulty thinking, unmet needs, inaccurate beliefs, and personal wounds that we bring to the marriage, we develop faulty Communication Codes.   This means the communicate code fails to create to real intimacy necessary to be masters in marriage.

Correcting faulty communication codes can be difficult.

Practicing this rule helps correct some of the faulty beliefs and miss information we receive from our spouse.  This rule is simple, and it’s easy to understand.

“It’s Just True!”