Self-Love is important

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Doesn’t this sound like how we feel and think the day we get married:  All is right with the world.  We are filled with love, joy and expectations.  We are forgiving, tolerant, kind and benevolent.


You can’t love others when you can’t accept, validate and love YOU!

This is because we have not yet been harmed in the marriage, so our feelings are bigger than life (usually) and we are still on our best behavior.  We are all lovable and happy.

But then… we all sin, we all have consistent faults and behaviors that pull us away from our relationship with Jesus and others.  We all do – and we have to love  those!  Because without them we would be perfect, be Jesus – and since there’s only one Jesus we have to accept what He chose for us.

Here is a secret, God knows you aren’t perfect, He isn’t surprised or knocked for a loop when you behave badly.  So, instead of beating yourself up for being a sinner with faults and bad behavior, try saying this to yourself:

God never rejects us

He only draws us toward Himself

Even though we may push Him away by our behavior“I love me.  I don’t always like me, but I love me.  I love my faults – they just prove to me my need for Jesus, my need to grow.  I love the way God made me – there is no one else who looks or acts just like me.  I love my mind – it’s the one God entrusted to me to love and care for so that on that day I can present myself to Him.  He loves me totally, completely, no questions asked and He expects me to do the same, so I must journey toward loving me.”  

God is not sin conscious.  He is love conscious.  He knows we sin – but He made a way for this.  When we sin, we choose to cross a boundary.  He is not the Law – waiting to fire us for our bad behavior.  The Law just reveals our bad behavior so we can change.

God is a good guy, a cool God.  He is a really cool guy!  He is the One who says, “Hey.  Wait.  Life is not going well!  Let Me show you why!”  He wants us to see the way He thinks and join Him on that journey of learning to “perfect” our minds to His way of thinking, being transformed.

That’s what it is all about – perfecting our thinking to His Principles.  He set the boundaries in the beginning.  We started breaking them with Adam and Eve and it’s been a struggle ever since to really learn them.

Each generation has to learn them!  That’s just True !  This is what this class is about:

APPLYING God’s Principles

to someone you CHOOSE to love

as you have LEARNED to love yourself!