The Master Mind

Posted on: July 2nd, 2013 by No Comments

Ya got to admit that somewhere along the line we learned what we believe.  I reading a book called The Developing Mind by Daniel Siegel.  It is so interesting.  The way our minds rule our behavior is fascinating to me.  It reminds me how we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  What is even more fascinating is how research in this book is showing that the elasticity of the brain allows us, by choice, to change our emotional response to the world around us.  We are so wonderfully made that no matter who raised us, no matter what the experience we have had in the past, our minds are designed to be ruled by the will.

Your mind thinks is it is your master. What is more true: you are the master of your mind!@

Our hard wire – the brain – is the physical part of us that is to be used to follow our will or our heart.  Since the brain has a job to do, to keep us alive, it will remind us what we know is true, not what we “know” is true in our heart.  The brain uses past performance and experiences to give us its view of the world.  It is an act of our will, or our hope and faith, to push past things that are not our experience and to believe God for what He says about us.

That is why, in the Old Testament, these guys struggled so much. They experienced life as a child, and made decisions they felt were best.  In the end, God wanted them to have a different learning experience. Moses was in the desert for years learning how to care for sheep. Joseph was in prison learning how to lead and be humble.  King David’s moral failure and his inability to train his children well were disasters.  The current circumstances you find yourself in are just “new experiences” that God uses to lead to His faith.

Go ahead, argue with your brain. Tell it you are in charge, and you will believe that God loves you, cares for you and no matter what your brain tries to tell you, remember you are in charge.  It’s an act of your will to tell your brain what is true, not your brain to tell you what it “feels” is true.

Daniel C Clark