Truth Is Always True

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Truths are always true!

We are a body, mind and spirit. While we are most familiar with physical laws, such as gravity, we are not as familiar with or aware of emotional/ intellectual and spiritual laws yet they are just as real and active.

All Principles follow the same basic rule. Much like gravity, which is a constant, Principles are consistent and are always drawing us to closer relationship – it’s just true.

As we discover and apply the Marriage Principles, they will begin to produce the Fruit of the Spirit in us as found in Galatians 5:22.

“For the Fruit of the Spirit is: Love – Joy – Peace – Patience – Kindness – Goodness – Faithfulness – Gentleness – and Self- Control, against such there is no law.”

The Fruit of the Spirit is the very attributes of the Marriage Principles. As you investigate this list, you see 3 feeling/attitude fruits followed by 6 action/behavior fruits that may seem impossible to do. Without stopping to listen to our emotions, thoughts and spirit so that we can evaluate ourselves and see where we need to grow, they are. Yet, who wouldn’t want to be a close friend to someone who walked in these behaviors? Wouldn’t you? Self-control? Yup, we all need that one more. And Peace, we all want more of that one, too.

Did you noticed that when this list is finish it says…

“Against such there is no law.”

Here is the point: There is no law against good attitudes and behaviors i.e. being loving, patient and gentle. There is no fear or harm in obeying the law, i.e. doing the speed limit. However, when you know you are speeding, you are anxious and on the lookout for that ever evasive enforcer of the law. When you are cruel or impatient, relationships are a difficult and dreaded rather than a source of joy and companionship.

We don’t get a pat on the back for following the law or being good. Not being stressed over being caught, the lack of negative consequences and peace are obedience’s own reward.

So it is with following emotional/intellectual and spiritual Laws, you may not get an “atta boy” but you will begin to have more peace if you do them, more grief if you don’t. The Marriage Principles, when learned, create the marriage we all desire!

When We Break Marriage Principles

We know when we break a law – we experience a consequence and this makes us sad, frustrated or angry. When a marriage isn’t going well it’s a consequence of a Principle or Rule is being broken.

A rich young ruler came to Jesus and said that he had done all the right things that scripture taught him. It was outwardly or physically true and Jesus really loved him. Yet it was not only what he did that mattered; it was also the condition of his heart. Jesus exposed the condition of his heart and he left sad, unwilling to change his condition.

Marriage Principles are the same. They expose the condition of our heart. When we apply the Marriage Principles taught in Marriage Forvever, must as Jesus promised the rich you ruler a close relationship with Him, we too can have a close relationship with our spouse.

Yet if we deny these Marriage Principles, we walk away as the rich young ruler did. We believe that it is just too hard to follow the rules.

These Marriage Principles help us see ourselves more accurately, in order to expose our blind spots and transform our thinking. We are simply unable to see ourselves objectively but others can. We need each other! Just as the rich young ruler was exposed to his own faulty thinking, following the Marriage Principles exposes us to the reasons our marriage is not working.

If our marriages aren’t going well, it is because we are not seeing the Marriage Principles we are breaking that are harming the marriage, as well as seeing the Principles of Life that will transform us for the better.

We are getting closer to delving into the Marriage Principles themselves, but still need to look at a few more foundational Truths so that we can really understand and put into practice these 7 life transforming Principles. Remember, all the Principles and Rules are based on this Law, also called the “Greatest Commandment”:

What is the Principle? – LOVE!
• Love God ~ seems easy to say
• Love our neighbor ~ not so hard
• Loving yourself ~ say what?

I have yet to find someone who truly understands how to love themselves.
Loving self is not being arrogant – proud – selfish – self-indulgent. It is not backbiting – envy – greed – unforgiveness.